Kings and Kingdoms – addressing this election season

“This election season is crazy. There’s no way around it. We all want to turn away, but we’re captivated because we know this presidential election will greatly impact our country. As a pastor, I cannot ignore something that is on everyone’s mind. So this Sunday, Oct. 16, we’re going to...

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A loved Bible can look however you want it to look.

ReBuilding a Love for the Bible

A Bible is a Christian’s guide book for living. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, it’s filled with stories of hope and redemption,with instruction and God’s promises to His children. When a child is baptized, most likely a family member will buy a small New Testament as a...

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momentum conference

Pea Ridge Momentum Conference: Oct. 5-7, 9

A body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force. In the same way, a church body at rest will remain at rest unless moved forward by the Spirit. Our hope is that God will use the Momentum Conference to be that force that moves...

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You can support Jenna Reed

We’re asking for prayers and financial support for Pea Ridge Baptist’s own Jenna Reed, who is three years old and is scheduled to undergo heart surgery in mid-October in Cincinnati. Jenna was born with a heart defect that has required a series of surgeries and the hope is that this procedure will...

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Project Honor: handling dating relationships God’s way

The temptation is very real. In our culture, sexual activity in dating or casual relationships has become widely accepted. But this isn’t God’s design. Project Honor is an initiative launched by Jake and Tori Law, who are planting Shine Church in Nashville, Tenn. and our church is hosting the first...

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Wednesday nights: groups for kids, teens and adults

Our Wednesday nights are back in full swing! We have groups for kids, teens and adults. On first Wednesdays, we also host a dinner (kids $3, adults $6). Check out all the details below! Ridge Kids Wednesdays Kids two years old through 5th grade are invited to join us each...

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Power Of Vision

The Power of Vision

by Dan Londeree, pastor Purpose. It’s a powerful thing. When we get up in the morning, having a purpose for the day is a game-changer. Seeking to accomplish something specific helps to move us forward. In fact, if we have nothing to drive us, there’s a tendency to become complacent...

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