Drainage Project around sanctuary

Late last winter, our area experienced significant flooding and a large amount of water came into the fellowship hall, library and the hallway closet on the first floor of our building. This is not the first time this has occurred, which indicates an ongoing drainage problem that must be corrected. The trustees have worked with church council to select a contractor and approve the scope of work. The price for this project will start at $55,000. While this is a significant expense, we are thankful that your faithful giving has allowed us to have the funds to pay for this work. This project involves digging around the foundation of the sanctuary section of our building and while we can still use the building, we will need to work around this project when entering and exiting.

Woods Excavating of Barboursville plans to begin digging on the west side of the front glass doors (as you look at them from the road, directly to the right) and this eventually will extend the length of the west side of the sanctuary (the side that faces Wilson Drive). During this time, the path from the Wilson Drive side of our parking lot to the front doors will not be passable. In the beginning stages of the work the side sanctuary door will still be accessible and can be used if coming in from that side of the parking lot. That door will be blocked during the later stages of the work. The front glass doors will be accessible throughout the project and those needing close access to the doors can be dropped off using the parking spaces in front of the church. We will be asking the tenants in the apartments across the road to not use these spaces so they can be available for drop off purposes. At the point that the side sanctuary door is blocked, those who need to park close and need assistance to enter the building are encouraged to call the office during office hours so that we can make sure to have volunteers on Sundays to help.

Unfortunately, this project will require the removal of the landscaping in front of the sanctuary. It is possible that some of the sidewalk in front of the sanctuary will need to be removed as well. There will be construction fencing surrounding the work area to ensure the safety of everyone walking near the church building. We greatly appreciate your patience during this excavation and look forward to working together as a church to replace the landscaping once the project is complete. This project was originally scheduled to start in October 2021 but has been delayed by the contractor, and currently there is no start date scheduled. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the main office at 304-736-5572 or prbc@pearidgebaptist.com.