Spiritual Gifts

Discover the gifts God has given you

God has bestowed spiritual gifts on each believer to build up the church. If you've placed your faith in Jesus, you have been given a spiritual gift, and likely you've been given more than one! On this page you'll find resources to help you better understand the biblical concept of spiritual gifts and help you discover what gifts God has given to you.
We encourage you to use the spiritual gifts assessment form to discover your gifts. Once you have spent some time in prayer with God, asking Him to help you answer the questions honestly, take the assessment and let us know your results. You can turn in your completed assessment at the connection center here at Pea Ridge or submit them through the form below.

Spiritual Gift Resources

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After Jesus’ death, a dozen disciples spread the miraculous news of God’s Son. That small band of believers multiplied and became the early church. Through the Holy Spirit, God equipped each member of the church with a gift to help them serve and strengthen each other. These gifts empowered Christians to do God’s work, yielding greater fruit than might be possible beyond their own talents. God is still in the gift-giving business today! Simply put, spiritual gifts are special gifts given by God for Christian service. They’re unique abilities God gives to help us do his good work.
This assessment tool will walk you through a list of questions that will help you discover your spiritual gifts. Spend some time in prayer with God before you answer the questions, then follow the directions to total your scores and record your top three spiritual gifts. Keep in mind that you might have two or more gifts that are "tied" with the same score. If that's the case, put them all on the same line. You can turn in your assessment at the Connection Center at church or submit your results using the online form at the bottom of this page.
This chart gives an overview of each spiritual gift, including a definition, scriptural references and some details about how each gift is seen in and used by those who follow Jesus.
This document contains a detailed explanation of each spiritual gift. Once you have recorded your top three gifts, you can reference this file to learn more about how God has gifted you to serve Him!

Use this form to submit your spiritual gift assessment results.