Ridge Kids Parents

Sunday mornings this month

Page-turners are exciting books, the kind you don’t want to put down, the kind you would stay up extra
late to read. Books are exciting when we can find ourselves in the stories and imagine being a part of
the adventure. This month we are going to look at some of the page-turning stories of the Bible. Each of
these stories has something valuable to teach us about our patient and powerful God who prepares us
to fight temptation
and celebrates us, the heroes in our own real-life adventures!

Wednesday nights this month

On a farm, life has a daily rhythm (for plants, animals, and people, too). “Life” is what this series is all about, because we’re talking about Easter and Jesus’ triumph over death! In this five-week series, kids will explore the stories leading up to and following Easter Sunday. Together, they’ll discover we can stick with Jesus even when our days are dark, and that because Jesus is alive, we can spend our days meeting with him, trusting he’s there for us, and sharing his love — not just today, but every day!